McLaughlin Family | Clarksville Family Portraits

This little family made me so happy to work with. Sweet parents, sweeter children, and a lot of love! Chilly weather caused us to postpone come their Portrait Session date, but not by much. We braved the cold and the kiddos did amazing despite their chilly fingers! I broke up their session in to a few little blocks that alternated between posing and running around so we could keep warm. I speak a lot about how amazing and meaningful it can be to have your Portraits taken at your own home or on your property but another plus to photographing there: easy bathroom and warm up breaks! We needed a few of those and this was ultra-convenient!

I thought of my family in the future a lot since they have a toddler boy and little girl just like we will in a few months. It was adorable to watch them play together and love on each other. Mom and Dad's favorite memory we made is, of course, of the kiddos together.

At their Private Reveal Appointment, they decided on a collection including an 11x14 Archival Anthology, a duplicate 4x6 anthology for gifting, a 16x20 canvas, and some additional fine art prints to enjoy their favorite memories at work too! Below you'll find some of their favorites!