model call application

Please fill out completely! Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The purpose of this application is to determine if you and your family would be suitable participants for the current creative projects I’m working on. I’m working on more than one project so accurate answers ensure you will be placed with the most appropriate project, if chosen. Please be as thorough as possible… We’ll sometimes find inspiration that takes us in an exciting direction and I’ll create a new project just for you!

Contact Information
Parent's Name *
Parent's Name
Address *
Phone *
About Your Family
Include the name, age, and gender of everyone participating. Also include developmental skills or talents (for example, is your baby sitting, standing or walking? is your child a gymnast, an avid reader, a painter, etc?)
Is your family complete or are you expecting? Have you experienced adoption? What do you do together for fun at home? What do you do for fun around town? Include anything else that makes your family unique!
Are you comfortable with being photographed in shallow water? *applies to all family members*
Session Availability
Sessions will be loosely styled. Are you open to purchasing a few key items if you don't already own them?
If you are not selected, would you like to be contacted if a future need arises?
I understand in order to participate in a creative session, I must sign a model release granting Megan the right to use and publish portraits and video created during the session for any advertising, display, publication, marketing, competitions, and any other studio purposes.